Here are the top 10 reasons to adapt Digital Marketing in your business in the year 2016 if you still haven’t :-

  • 1 :-  Three out of ten businesses world wide is planning to add a Digital marketing team or wing into their marketing departments.

  • 2  :- Content marketing trend is growing and its proved that content marketing generates highest inbound leads which have the most conversion rates.

  • 3  :- Now we have around 2 Billion +  active social media accounts . ( All the social media platforms included . )

  • 4  :- By the end of 2015 we have around 3.4 billion Internet users world wide .

  • 5  :- More than 70% companies world wide have decided to increase their Digital Marketing budget in the year 2016.

  • 6  :- There are more than 3.7 Mobile users world wide out of 7.3 billion population.

  • 7  :- 80% consumers have admitted that they read online reviews before deciding to buy any new product or services.

  • 8  :- Those who have already adapted digital marketing to their business admitted that expenses of digital marketing is 4 times cheaper than the traditional marketing .

  • 9  :- A normal human being average time spent on internet is replacing the time spent with television.

  • 10:- Last but not the least , For customer service issues consumer are depending more on the social media pages instead of a complaint call.

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