Navic GPS System By ISRO – India . Everything you wanted to know !

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Everything  you wanted to know about  India’s Historic space program ; Our own navigation system  NAVIC  !   Honorable P.M Mr. Narendra Modi Ji  watching the launch of NAVIC .     What is NAVIC  ?   NAVIC is an independent GPS satellite created by  India’s most capable  team of scientists , ISRO ( Indian Space [...]

Social Media marketing management strategy : 10 Pro tips to make it happening in 2016.

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As the year 2015 came to an end , First of all we want to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2016 . Lets hope for more leads , more business & more prosperity in the coming year .  So here we are again with a new article  to boost your social media marketing [...]

SEO Company in Bhubaneswar : Your Search for best SEO Company ends here !

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Are you looking for a SEO or Search engine optimization company based in Bhubaneswar who can help you hit the google search results when people search about your business , product or service ? Then your search ends with us , Yes you have heard me right . We are a SEO & Digital Marketing service [...]

WhatsApp Video calling feature : Trending the internet today !

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After the huge success of the voice calling on WhataApp ,  It is heard & spread in the internet that WhatsApp is constantly working to roll out video calling feature soon.  As per the article of German website Macerkopf we can use both the cameras in the video call front & back one. Around 1 Billion world [...]

Facebook Sponsored ads and Facebook advertising : What is it ? How can it help a business?

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Facebook ads : Facebook ads refer to the advertising service by FACEBOOK for all business sizes. Which can be used to get traffic to a website from a selected geographical area by choosing customized age and gender . Each time a person visits you website you pay to Facebook . How does it work ? : [...]

Digital Marketing Service Consultant,Agencies,Company : What are they ? How they can help a business?

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There are so many start ups who became large size companies with the help of digital marketing ; there are still many start ups struggling and willing to adapt digital marketing for their marketing and they want to know how digital marketing can help them ? Some of my close friends who are entrepreneurs and those [...]

SEO Company in Delhi .

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Since we are into SEO service providers business , we have seen so many queries in GOOGLE with the term SEO Company in Delhi. So we thought of creating a blog post to reach to the Delhi audience and help them with their SEO Campaign. In this post we will reveal all the relevant techniques we [...]

Social Media Marketing ; 5 Things to focus in 2016 .

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If you have not tried social media marketing for your business till now , then you should . Social media marketing has been adapted by many entrepreneurs and marketing gurus for its proven ROI & conversion rates. If  you already have a social media marketing team or you have outsourced social media marketing to any agency [...]

10 Reasons to adapt Digital Marketing in 2016 .

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Here are the top 10 reasons to adapt Digital Marketing in your business in the year 2016 if you still haven’t :- 1 :-  Three out of ten businesses world wide is planning to add a Digital marketing team or wing into their marketing departments. 2  :- Content marketing trend is growing and its proved that [...]

5 Reasons to hire International SEO Consuntant .

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Here are 5 reasons, why should actually hire an INTERNATIONAL SEO CONSULTANT .    Its cheaper than traditional marketing :-  When SEO is compared to the traditional marketing form , It is way cheaper than placing a bill board or banners around the city . And when we compare to television advertisements , small business owner are too behind [...]