There are so many start ups who became large size companies with the help of digital marketing ; there are still many start ups struggling and willing to adapt digital marketing for their marketing and they want to know how digital marketing can help them ? Some of my close friends who are entrepreneurs and those who are planning for a startup they showed keen interest about the in depth detail of digital marketing . So here we are giving you in depth details about digital marketing , what is it and how it can help your business grow .

What is digital marketing ?

Digital marketing is the marketing that involves digital media & the internet , Its also called inbound marketing . When we promote a brand , product or some particular service with the power of digital media & internet its called digital marketing or online internet marketing.

Why Digital marketing ?

If you have questions in mind ; why should i opt for  digital marketing ? Well , from recent studies it has been proved that a normal human being is spending more time on the internet than the television , Social media is the best pass time for us all now, all most half of the world population is using the internet , Social media or a instant messaging app. If you still can’t figure it out why we should adapt digital marketing then let me tell you it is way cheaper than the traditional marketing . Consumers have admitted that they check the online presence , website , social pages before buying a product or service for the first time. Do i need to speak more ? If you are still missing out digital marketing in your business then you are missing a deadly atom bomb which shall be used in your marketing war.

Who is a Digital Marketing consultant or agency ?

A Digital marketing consultant is a person who is a freelance digital marketing expert , He or she can work for  any organization in order to manage their digital marketing . A digital marketing agency is an agency that offers digital marketing services to its clients just like us . We provide various digital marketing services to our clients with lowest possible cost . We do have team of passionate digital marketing experts , web developers & graphic designers.

What are the services included in Digital Marketing ?

There are various kind of services included under the umbrella of digital marketing . These are the most effective till date .

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO) :-  It is one of the digital marketing methods to make the website visible in all the search engines like Google , Yahoo & Bing ; to get inbound traffic to the website for particular keywords. i.e when we type or search online shopping in Google  we find  Jabong .



2. Social media optimization (SMO) :- One of the best methods of digital marketing to spread awareness about the brand , product or services with the power of social media pages and groups . Below is an example by Flipkart .



3. Social Media marketing (SMM) :- Social media marketing is the method to spread awareness of a brand,product or service with paid sponsored ads in the social media platforms like Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin,Instagram,Pinterest etc. We either pay for website clicks (CPC) , Website impressions (CMP)  Or Website conversions (CPA) . There are separate campaigns to gain followers from a targeted territory with particular field of interests. Suppose you are selling a book online and you need followers with interest in book only , you can get it done in SMM. Below is a screenshot of a website clicks ad of  Digital Spirit . The main purpose is to get b2b clients on the website to spread about social media marketing services. The dark orange bar shows the paid reach.



4. Google ad-words PPC campaigns : – It is also called Search engine marketing , These are the paid ads shown on the top of the google search results . The top three are the paid ads , which you can figure out with the screenshot below .



5. Blogging or content marketing :-  Blogging is the proven best way to generate more & more inbound traffic to your website , Blog posts are powerful enough to get viral with informative posts . Also helps the SEO campaign to grow and rank you for different keywords in the search engine . Quality content , relevancy of content  ,  informative posts are top keys to an effective blog marketing. The nicest point about blog post is they can be shared in all your social media pages to gain huge fan followings . Check out this screenshot and the number of shares , engagement etc .



Email marketing :-  Email marketing is not dead its still alive . And it still generates 210% ROI per campaign . Email marketing is a strategy used by digital marketers , in this we send news letters regarding the product , service or the brand to our targeted audience in terms of bulk emails.

Affiliate marketing & Cross marketing :-  These two are  effective ways to promote a brand with the help of affiliate websites, clients or business partners . Two websites shake hand with each other for the mutual promotion and they promote each other on their website for mutual profit .

How digital marketing consultant or agency can help a business grow?

While people around the world adapting to new technologies & digital devices , the use of internet , Social media , Smart phones , tablets & apps is also increasing everyday . If a business is not having its digital marketing team a digital marketing freelancer or an agency can help them creating their online presence , brand awareness , over all digital branding & sales growth . In the words of Mr. Bill gates , ” If your business is not on the internet , Your business will be out of business ” . To make your business sustain in the internet and spread into your targeted audience you can always take help of a professional digital marketing expert .

Conclusion :- In coming future the customer behavior is going to change drastically , People will hate push sales , They will research before buying . They will check online presence of a brand so that they can do complaints when needed. Internet users will rise up with the help of free basic internet service. There for it is advisable to all the small , medium & large size businesses to adapt digital marketing in the coming year 2016.