As the year 2015 came to an end , First of all we want to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2016 . Lets hope for more leads , more business & more prosperity in the coming year .  So here we are again with a new article  to boost your social media marketing in 2016 .


10 Pro tips to make it happening in 2016 :-

  1. Use Social Media to spread blog posts :

    If you don’t own a blog then you should , Using social media to spread the blog post is a great option . It makes the blog posts viral and allows social media users to share it again & again .
  2. Create content that helps or educates society :

               Do not create all your content of social media pointing towards business or sale , Help the society learn something unique and new ,                    educate the audience with some educating articles.

     3.  Don’t forget about LinkedIn groups :

             Most of the businesses who are using social media as marketing tool have been seen focusing into Facebook   groups &                                        give least importance to LinkedIn groups . If you have a B2B business model LinkedIn Groups will help you generate maximum                               leads , If its a B2C still it can help you out to some extent .

      4. Start using INSTAGRAM ads :

            While doing paid social ads in FACEBOOK we have now an option to make our ads visible in INSTAGRAM which is really easy &         interesting . Instagram has been proved giving maximum ROI to garments & cosmetics related business . If you are into those segment include Instagram ads today .

       5. Explainer Videos :

         If you have not heard about it then try watching some explainer videos on YouTube first . They are really great tool to explain your product or service to your target audience . Create some explainer videos and upload them in your Youtube Channel ( Using keywords ) , Facebook page , Tweet with the video link .

        6. Facebook direct messaging :

      If you have a business where restaurants are your target audience , Find there official page in FACEBOOK send them direct message regarding your business proposal and see what happens . We have generated many leads doing the same & we hope you will find some too .

        7 :  Add Location to posts :

    Search engines are now indexing the location of social media posts and there reviews as well ,  Adding location to each and every post boosts your local SEO .  Do not forget to add location to posts especially on Twitter .

         8 :  Contests :

If you have not done any contest for your social media audiences yet then you should try it once at least , Social media contests are very much helpful to make the brand go viral on social media platforms as the audience do engage themselves in the course and make it viral for you .

         9 : Facebook Events :

Now we can promote an event on Facebook too , Try organizing a local event and promote the same on Facebook . Those who attend your event ask them to like & follow you on your social media pages to stay updated about more upcoming events in future. This helps to create an unique corporate brand image  .

          10 : Add call to action buttons :

Adding call to action buttons to all your social pages & Posts makes the audience click through rate higher .  If its a business post you can add  See more , Shop now , Buy now or Sign up button . If its  a non business post you can add learn more to the post .


We hope this post helps you boost your social media marketing in 2016 and beyond .

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