Facebook ads :

Facebook ads refer to the advertising service by FACEBOOK for all business sizes. Which can be used to get traffic to a website from a selected geographical area by choosing customized age and gender . Each time a person visits you website you pay to Facebook .

How does it work ? :

When a person creates a FACEBOOK Profile ( talking about genuine one not fake ones ) , They provide basic details about them . I.e age, gender , location etc .  Every profile detail is saved in Facebook data base . When we create a Facebook ads we do have option to choose location , age , gender etc .  Now lets make it bit simple , Suppose we are selling  infant clothing and accessories products in the US market ; Our major target is  married people who are between 28-40 or max 45 and having a baby so that they will purchase baby products for their infant .  We can give targeted location as US , preferred age 28-40 and gender both male and female .  Refer to the screenshot below for a better understanding . It is necessary to understand the product to determine its audience . Before starting a paid Facebook ads campaign it is most important to decide the target audience first.



Why do we create ads on Facebook ?

Lets talk about the purpose of the ads .  After choosing audience we need to choose the purpose of ads . There are many objectives available for Facebook advertising now . You have to choose your objective according to your own business . Suppose you have an e-commerce , website conversion will help . If you have a new business and you want to spread the news across the targeted area with a guerrilla marketing strategy then boost post and promote page will work . If you have a mobile app based business , Increase app engagement option will help . If you have an offline shop and you want walk in customers you can choose reach people near your location . It will generate a way map to your shop for the customers. Please refer to the below screenshot for more clarity .



After selecting the target audience & purpose its time to select budget and banner . We have to decide a daily budget for the Facebook sponsored campaign we want to run .  The minimum price of per day budget varies from country to country depending on the purpose of the ads . Last but not the least we have to select  a banner that will attract the customers and which is relevant to your product or services . Please refer to the below ad for more details.


Description :   B2B Ad  for SEO Service firm , Targeting Indian customers who own a business , age 30-45 both male and female .

How do they charge ?

The charges of Facebook ads depends on the budget and the bidding strategy you select . Basically these are the digital marketing terms used for advertising ; these are as follows :
  1. CPC :-  Cost per click ,  Its a bidding method where you are charged per click to your website . Generally per click cost is decided by Facebook according to the competition of a particular business niche at a location .
  2. CPM :-  Cost per mile , It is a bidding method where you pay for 1000 ads impressions . No matter people click on your website or they don’t you will have to pay per 1000 impressions . Generally its used for guerrilla marketing or aggressive marketing.
  3. CPA:- Cost per acquisition or action  , This type of bidding method will charge you once you get a conversion on the website or a page like or a video view etc.
    All the charges vary from business to business  and location .


How it is beneficial to my business ?

Here comes the center point of this post , how it will help our businesses .  We give you 5 reasons :

  1. Facebook has 1.6 billion active users .
  2. It has in depth audience targeting options.
  3. We can start a campaign even at 2-3$ budget per day .
  4. Facebook ads are mobile friendly . ( It has a mobile view ad which is separate from desktop . )
  5. We can select WiFi or non WiFi users .

How to get started with Facebook ads ?

If you have made up your mind to try Facebook ads for your business you can hire a certified Facebook blue print professional or outsource the work to any digital marketing agency . From banner design, targeting , ads setup , billing & bidding are done by the agencies . They will guide you to get the best results with lowest possible money spent .

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