How to start a popular Linkedin discussion :


In order to successfully master LinkedIn network, it is important to focus on the right actions that will lead to better results. There are certain key strategies and actions, which will help you in creating and growing your network of professional contacts. One of the basic strategies is to begin a popular LinkedIn discussion.

Here are some steps to achieve it.

 #1: Update your status frequently and consistently

Only one-third of LinkedIn members visit the site every day, another third of the participants visit the network several times a week, according to a study conducted by Lab42. When you log in to LinkedIn, each time pays attention to who is in your feed updates. Most likely, you meet the same people – most active LinkedIn users. These people have more visibility because they are more active and you can do the same if you make permanent their activity in the network. It’s pretty subtle, but powerful way to influence your networking contacts.
It takes enough time and diligence, but the payoff of finding this task in the first place to be significant in the development of new dating, relationships, business opportunities to start a popular LinkedIn discussion.

Here are a few points that will help you to be an active LinkedIn member:

-Update your status at least three times a day on the site, without using third-party tools to fully control your message and audience reach.
-Share and comment on updates of its first, second and third circle of contacts, at least once a day.
-Send invitations to add contacts with at least one new person a day.
-Participate in other group discussions in LinkedIn three times a week.
-Answer the questions in “LinkedIn Answers” three times a week.
-Comment updates to the company profiles, which you follow in LinkedIn, once a day.

#2: Constantly create contacts

Quite a useful tool to build your network and create a popular LinkedIn discussion – this is an advanced contact search, where you can narrow your search to geographic location, school, company, position, industry activities, etc.

 #3: Strategically organise their activities on LinkedIn

Studies have shown that LinkedIn members are more active in the second half of the day, and more likely to use the mobile site in the evenings. So, focus your actions of the participants in the days when you will have a big chance to be noticed.

With this, you can experiment depending on where you live and what field you work in. Change your strategy and record the results of each week – how many new contacts you made, and what benefits you received from your participation depending on the time of day and days of the week.

 #4: Join and actively participate in LinkedIn groups

Perhaps you heard this recommendation, but LinkedIn Groups is one of the most active areas of the network and the participation stats are quite compelling: 81% of the participants belong to at least one group of these people, 52% participate in group discussions.

Simply joining the group on LinkedIn will not give you anything. You should participate in the newest and most popular conversations to be more or less significant. The best way to attract a lot of answers is to ask for advice in their professional activities.
It is not necessary to subscribe to too many groups. Choose three to five groups, which will affect your activity and visibility: the most influential for your target region.

 #5: It is important what you share

This is what will determine you as an authority you can trust, within your professional field and target markets. If you want to attract and expand the right audience, you need to share news, articles and concepts that relate to your contacts.
If you keep putting your blog posts in a LinkedIn status or Group, not asking a question or trying to reach some audience, and will only share your content, this also works in your favour. But it is important to do it carefully and place it in such a way that would potentially cause your contacts to be interested in you.

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