7 Ways to use Facebook Live for your business :

Social Media marketing has become the next big thing for almost all businesses. Not just its cost effective but also the most relevant form of marketing for this generation of smart shoppers. Within the realm of social media marketing, face book is probably the biggest game changer and the largest network to reach any kind of target audience.
In these recent years, with the reach and influence of digital marketing, Facebook has evolved manifold and has constantly added features to its repertoire. One of the recent additions being ‘facebook live’. Unlike other features where the users have the liberty to post anytime after the event has happened, this feature allows the user to live stream the event. So basically, this is a real time update of any event.
There are several ways in which you can use this feature. Let us discuss them in detail.

1. Give a feel of the brand to your potential customers
There are so many brands who do not sell products. These are service oriented brands. For these brands, it’s a little difficult to give a feel of the brand to non-users of the service. For these businesses, a feature like ‘facebook live’ is extremely effective to reach out to your potential customers and give them a feel of your services.
One of the early examples of a service based organisation using this feature is BuzzFeed. They had live streamed an event for 45 minutes and it had ended up attracting 807000 viewers.

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2. Host webinars 
To host a webinar is an expensive affair. Traditionally, it involves a good venue, a proper setup, and a lot of other preparations. With Facebook live, this elaborate set up can be done away with. It becomes extremely simple and cost effective to host and share a webinar with as many people as possible.
This can become more effective by following these steps
• Ask your users to invite as many people as possible by sending the ‘invite option’,
• Emojis play an important role to gauge the reaction of your audience. It’s a real time update of the reactions of the people watching it.
• If you want to use this video again, you can save it and share it further to engage more audience.
• Create a buzz around the live streaming by creating an event and invite people to view at a scheduled time.

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3. Product launch
This is perhaps the most used feature of ‘Facebook live’. From Apple to a newly opened café, everyone has been using this feature to launch its products and services. It becomes an inspirational brand and product for every person watching the launch. The businesses are able to share their most important event with the world. It becomes easier to convey about the product and its features without the additional channel like a media partner. The message is conveyed directly without any element of the cost involved.

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4. Conduct interviews and Question and Answer round 
There are so many news channels/entertainment channels that have used this method to garner viewership. Businesses can conduct interviews with celebrities to promote their content.
An alternative use can be a “Q & A” round with the brand ambassador or an expert related to the business. Also, small videos related to FAQs can be uploaded and can be pinned to the Facebook page for the convenience of the users and customers. This way, customer service is also promoted which is an integral part of any kind of business

7 ways to use facebook live for business
5. Live classes/demos
This feature is particularly useful for businesses related to education. This is an amazing way to reach out to your existing as well as potential users.
Another kind of businesses can also use this feature. Let us look at some examples.
• If someone teaches music, they can give a live demo of their work so that it piques the interest of the users.
• A graphic designer/web designer can give a live demo of their work. For example, “How to design a logo”
Likewise, there are innumerable ways of how any business can reach their customers.

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6. Feature leaders and employees
An effective way of diverting the attention of the potential customers is to introduce them to the people who run the show. This will give them an insider’s view of the business and will whet their interest towards your business.
An alteration to this could be live videos of ‘work in progress’. Behind the scene, videos are always interesting and arouse interest and curiosity among the users who watch it.

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7. Perform customer service live
This is yet another way in which a company can earn the trust of its customers. The importance of after sales service cannot be overstated. Businesses can stream their services live and spread the message of customer delight.
For businesses that are small and do not want to spend a bomb for advertisement, this feature has become a boon for them.

how to use facebook live for business


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