How to use the Facebook Cover Video – Step by Step Guide with Video


Facebook recently rolled out the new video cover for business pages which looks WowSome! A lot of people are trying to figure out what are the proper length and dimensions for Facebook Video Cover and how to use the same feature. Well, guys, you don’t need to keep looking for it any further. Here is a comprehensive step by step guide to use Facebook video Cover.


  1. Keep the video length between 20 seconds to 50 seconds: Make sure you keep the video length between 20 seconds to 50 seconds. No less than 20 or not more than 50 seconds. We have tried several times but failed below 20 seconds.Facebook Cover Video
  2. Background Music Matters: Yes, Facebook allows us to include a background music to the cover video. Make sure your its attractive and sounds good to your audience.
  3. 1280×720 worked: After doing a lot of research and testing we found out that 1280×720 dimension worked for us. (820×312 is the minimum size)
  4. Text placement: Make sure you place the text at the middle of the video.
  5. What should you write: Write few lines about the page or business/service.
  6. Ideal size: The ideal size for Facebook cover is between 50-150 MB (to avoid load and decode time).
  7. Mobile Device size: The Same 1280×720 fits perfect to both desktop and mobile.Facebook Cover Video
  8. What not to include: Do not use annoying content or nudity with irritating music.
  9. What software can be used to make video cover: You may use Adobe after effects, Filmora, Sony Vegas or any video editor that is suitable for you.
  10. Where can you get one done in a budget :  Go to and browse around few gigs that offer a cover video @ $5 or $10 maximum.


How to upload the video:  Go to your Facebook Page home panel, Click on change cover.  Choose use existing if you have some video already in Facebook database or Choose upload photo/video and upload your video. Let it upload and decode to Facebook size. And you are done.


To make things even more easier we have made a step by step video guide, Enjoy!



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