Facebook messenger new feature ” PHOTO MAGIC ” :-

FACEBOOK Head Quartets :

Facebook is now going to roll out a new feature for its messenger users ; and its called
 ” PHOTO MAGIC ” . With this feature Facebook messenger users will be sending photos to their family and friends easier than ever all the up coming holidays . This is going to be a great gift by FACEBOOK to its users on the Christmas & New year eve . This feature will automatically identify an image so it can be sent instantly to the friends found in the picture. This feature depends on the same feature used in the friends tagging option. It also has face recognition technology. The main purpose of this feature is  making the photo sharing between friends & family much easier. This updated has been rolled out for Australian users currently. Users will have complete control of turning off / on the feature any time they want . Facebook has planned to roll out the same feature everywhere in the world except Canada & European union.