How to use the Facebook Cover Video Feature in 2017

  How to use the Facebook Cover Video - Step by Step Guide with Video   Facebook recently rolled out the new video cover for business pages which looks WowSome! A lot of people are trying to figure out what are the proper length and dimensions for Facebook Video Cover and how to use the same feature. Well, guys, you [...]

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How to start a popular & interesting LinkedIn discussion

How to start a popular Linkedin discussion :   In order to successfully master LinkedIn network, it is important to focus on the right actions that will lead to better results. There are certain key strategies and actions, which will help you in creating and growing your network of professional contacts. One of the basic strategies is to begin a popular [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to HashTags

        Almost all social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. actively use hashtags. What is a hashtag and why do we need it?   A hashtag is a single word or phrase before which the "#" symbol stands.   How does it work?   These notations are necessary in order to group thematic messages, as well as to [...]

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How to use facebook live for business

  7 Ways to use Facebook Live for your business : Social Media marketing has become the next big thing for almost all businesses. Not just its cost effective but also the most relevant form of marketing for this generation of smart shoppers. Within the realm of social media marketing, face book is probably the biggest game changer and the [...]

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Navic GPS System By ISRO – India . Everything you wanted to know !

Everything  you wanted to know about  India’s Historic space program ; Our own navigation system  NAVIC  !   Honorable P.M Mr. Narendra Modi Ji  watching the launch of NAVIC .     What is NAVIC  ?   NAVIC is an independent GPS satellite created by  India’s most capable  team of scientists , ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organization). On Thursday   [...]

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Social Media marketing management strategy : 10 Pro tips to make it happening in 2016.

As the year 2015 came to an end , First of all we want to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2016 . Lets hope for more leads , more business & more prosperity in the coming year .  So here we are again with a new article  to boost your social media marketing in 2016 .   [...]

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