Everything  you wanted to know about  India’s Historic space program ; Our own navigation system  NAVIC  !


Honorable P.M Mr. Narendra Modi Ji  watching the launch of NAVIC .



What is NAVIC  ?


NAVIC is an independent GPS satellite created by  India’s most capable  team of scientists , ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organization).

On Thursday   ISRO completed the project of creating India’s own navigation system . The same satellite launched from SRIHARIKOTA  space center  at 12.50 .

Except INDIA  only few countries have their own  GPS Navigation System . United States, Europe, Russia & China  have their own GPS navigation system. Now India is also listed in this category. Previously India did depend on others for GPS navigation that too with some limited services. Now that we have our own GPS navigation system  we are independent in terms of GPS navigation. It’s a proud moment for all of us. We congratulate team ISRO & thank to our government for taking  great steps towards digitalization.


What our honorable PM has to say :-

Our honorable PM  Sri. Narendra Modi Ji  Congratulated the whole team of ISRO and  all the Indians for the successful launch of the NAVIC .  ( Twitter Message )


First and foremost I want to congratulate all @isro scientists and the entire team. I also congratulate the people of India: PM

( Twitter Message )