If you have not tried social media marketing for your business till now , then you should . Social media marketing has been adapted by many entrepreneurs and marketing gurus for its proven ROI & conversion rates. If  you already have a social media marketing team or you have outsourced social media marketing to any agency like us here are the 5 things which you should focus for great success in social media marketing in the upcoming year 2016 .

  1.  More and more blogging :-  You will have to focus more into blogging & bloggers , There are many freelance bloggers and digital agencies like us who can help you out with your blog integration in the website if you still don’t have any blog . Blogging literally works and the blog posts just like this one strengthens our content quality . These blog posts can be shared in the social pages as well .

  2. Video content & explainers videos :-  All the social media websites especially Facebook which  is used by  us the most ; give high preference to video content , we should include more & more video contents in our social media pages which can be boosted in Facebook as well . Apart from video contents explainer videos are videos that explain a business model or its products & services to its audiences . Audiences have shown their interest in the explainer videos this year and we anticipate that it will be a great advantage to add explainer videos in our social media marketing .

  3. Contests & Offers :-  These two things are best ways to get viral on social media , Facebook & twitter both can be used to start a contest or  offer some discounts through the social pages. Be clear with the offer & contest guide lines , let people engage in the contests and make it viral for you . Contest prize to be decided according to the budget which can be afforded.

  4. Paid social ads :-  No matter if you have small business or a large one , Business posts in social pages are getting lower numbers of reach in comparison to past . The scenario has been changed since there are restrictions in business post reach. This is the right time to start with a social media paid campaign . Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin , Instagram (New) , Pinterest can be used for paid ads. Choose the one which suits best for you & your audience.

  5. Ask questions to audience :- Yes , We need to include question answer method in our social pages . We have to ask our audience frequently about some of their experiences which can be business or non business posts .

 Stay tuned for more tips

. Happy Holidays .